Why is it necessary to go for an asbestos surveyor, and how to select one?

Why an asbestos survey is necessary?

In 1990, there came a rule restricting the use of asbestos, a naturally occurring element, in construction processes. It is due to the harmful effects the material has on the human body when it is destroyed or disturbed. One will not find anything damaging with the element if it is left untouched. However, it will not remain the same in terms of buildings. If you wish to remodel your home, you would destroy some sections of the building and build it again. In such a case, it is difficult to prevent the disturbance of asbestos present in the building materials. As most of the buildings are built before the 1990s, there will be considerable amounts of asbestos in almost all of them. Let us assume that you are destroying the building without knowing the levels of asbestos in it. Once the elements break down, they will convert into asbestos fibers and will contaminate the surrounding air molecules. As you would live or work there, you will inhale this air. Once the asbestos fibers enter your body through respiration, your lungs will get affected a lot. There are chances for cancer and other diseases like Mesothelioma and asbestosis. So, there is a necessity to confirm whether your building has asbestos in it. At least, you would have to know the levels of risks associated. You can do so only by hiring an asbestos survey London team that can let you know the information on asbestos levels. However, you may get confused while looking out for a reliable asbestos consultant among those thousands out there. Let us look at some factors that can differentiate a reliable consultant from a fraudulent one.

Finding the right asbestos consultant

Qualifications and knowledge

There will be some requirements to meet to become a legal asbestos consulting company. It is necessary to check whether the company meets all these requirements and qualifications to do the project. Also, they need to know the variety of processes involved in the assessment of asbestos. If they do not know anything, it may reflect in the results. Hence, it is better to find a company that has extensive knowledge of asbestos removal.


It is always better to go to a company that has vast experience with the project you are about to do. A company that has been doing an asbestos assessment for the past 20 years would have faced all kinds of situations and difficulties. So, they will not make a mistake with your project, and they can provide you accurate reports on the levels of asbestos. They will be capable of letting you know the probable risks with the element.


There are several types of buildings, and each one will have several different asbestos-containing materials. A company should be capable of working with the specific type of material in the building. It is better to find such a specialist company.

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