Betting refers to wagering of money on predictable outcome. There are two types of betting. One is live betting and the other one is online betting.

Live Betting is the type of betting in which you have to go to the casino or you have to travel to other countries or states to wager or to gamble, while on the other hand, online betting is quite easy as it is conducted on the internet. Like if you want to bet on any sport then you do not have to go to casino or any other place to place your bet, so you can easily place your bet online, this is what online betting is. Moreover, online betting is preferred by many people over live betting. แทงบอลออนไลน์ includes pokers, casino and sports betting.

Types of Online Betting:

Followings are the four major types of online betting:

  • Pokers – poker is a very well-known terminology in the field of online betting. It is also called to be the game of 3 cards. Sometimes, it is said that poker is the king of all of the cards games. It can be said then that poker is pretty difficult to play. Hence, it is also a high bidding game in terms of betting. In poker, you first bet online according to your own favorite payment method and you bet on the three cards separately. There are specific rules for playing poker. Two or more than two people can play poker with each other. They bet on each card and pay side to side according to the outcomes.
  • Casino – online casinos are the most common types of online betting. Poker also comes under these but they also contain a lot of games inside. That is why people also like to gamble in online casinos very much because they are easily able to choose their own favorite game and play. Spinning roulette wheel is the most common among all. The ball stops on a number printed on the roulette and payments are done according to that
  • Sports betting – sports betting is very convenient and almost legalized game in field of sports and betting. In sports betting, the parties bet on their own preferences and do the payments according to their own outcome. Sport betting is done in almost every type of sport. Horses, polo, cricket, football, soccer are one of those most popular games which are highly gambles. Sport betting also comes under the premises of sponsorship. So, it is considered to be sponsorship as legalized too.
  • Lotteries – lotteries are the safest side of online betting. It is also termed as freelancing as it is completely legal. All you need to do is to just take risk and bet on something without any sort of investment. Lotteries are termed as lotteries because they need zero or less investment to be done. Hence, you pay a lot less and get very much rewards. Thus, lotteries are said to be convenient, easy and most admired to the people who just gamble to get money not pleasure.


There are also many types of แทงบอลออนไลน์such as roulette, video poker etc. but, these are the most played ones.

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