Top 5 Signs You Should Consider Getting Root  Canal Therapy in Floral Park, NY

If you have been experiencing persistent tooth pain or discomfort, then it may be a sign that you need root canal therapy. Although the mere mention of a root canal can sometimes evoke fear and anxiety, the procedure has become quite common and is used to treat serious dental issues. In fact, all you need is a gentle dentist in Floral Park, NY, to get a root canal procedure done comfortably with greater peace of mind.

Let us look into the top 5 signs that indicate you should consider getting a root canal procedure.

  • Persistent Tooth Pain

One of the most prominent signs that you might need root canal therapy is persistent tooth pain. If you are experiencing sharp, throbbing, or constant pain in a specific tooth, especially when chewing or applying pressure, then it could indicate an infection deep within the tooth’s pulp. Remember, the infected teeth should undergo a root canal as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection to the surrounding teeth.

  • Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Sensitivity to hot and cold food items is also one of the most common signs that you should consider a root canal. In fact, the sensitivity might linger even after the heat or cold is removed, and this could be a sign of damaged nerves or tissues inside the tooth. This implies that your tooth pulp is inflamed or infected and needs a root canal procedure to alleviate the discomfort.

  • Swollen Gums

Swelling and tenderness in the gums surrounding a specific tooth can be another indication that a root canal may be necessary. The presence of abscesses or pimple-like bumps on the gum also indicates the presence of pulp infection. If you see any of these signs, it is better to consult a dentist and get a root canal done as soon as possible to prevent the spreading of infection.

  • Discolored Tooth

A tooth that has become discolored, typically darker than the surrounding teeth, also may be a sign of a trauma or infection within the tooth. This kind of discoloration can result from the death of the pulp tissue as well, which implies the need for a root canal to remove the infected tissue and restore the tooth’s health and appearance.

  • Chronic Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath will not always occur as a result of poor oral hygiene. In fact, persistent bad breath could also be linked to underlying dental issues, such as an infected tooth in need of a root canal. This is because the bacterial buildup associated with dental infections can lead to foul-smelling breath, indicating the need for professional intervention.

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