Roles and Responsibilities of Immigration Lawyers

U.S. immigration laws are extremely complicated. The immigration law is only next to U.S. tax law from the perspective of complexity. Moreover, even the slightest mistake in your green card or visa application, or submitted evidences integral to immigration application procedure, can result in years-long hibernation or even outright rejection and deportation.

These reasons are enough to suggest why you should hire an efficient immigration lawyer to smooth the immigration process.

How Goldstein Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

Immigration lawyers juggle multiple hats at the same time. They interpret immigration laws, explain your rights, decide strategies at disposal and predict possible outcomes. They guide you through your thick and thin. They guide their clients or if applicable, their sponsoring US employer or family members through every step of the immigration process which is anything but simple.

The immigration process involves a lot of paperwork and legwork and Goldstein Immigration Lawyers do all these on behalf of their clients or employers. When they take care of everything, it saves hours on your part and helps you stay more organized with the evidences and items that you must gather on your own, including the proof of your marriage or birth certificates.

It is important for any immigration lawyer to make sure that information submitted while filling up different forms, documents, statements and testimony are correct, consistent and clear. The fate of many immigration applications depends on whether the US government officers pay attention to your story and believe it. Therefore, maintaining accuracy and consistency in information provided on different forms is highly important; otherwise, it will create distrust and cause problems on a stratospheric level.

Most importantly, an experienced lawyer is well aware of how to minimize or avoid the inevitable delays, how the US government will respond and how to ensure legal technicalities don’t entangle apparently simple applications.

What If You Face Removal Proceedings

If the immigration officers find discrepancy in your documents or don’t find the information they are looking for, your application will find its place in the Recycle Bin. As a result, you will be shown the door out of the country or have to face removal proceedings in an immigration court. This is the high time when you need an immigration lawyer who will support your case by exploring all the possible avenues.

The immigration lawyer will approach a witness (if there is anyone to back your story), help you get ready for court appearances and deal with all the possible procedural requirements, documents and deadline. He will also take the trouble of writing briefs to argue the law in your favor and spend time to listen to your problems and represent you through the court proceedings.

As an applicant, you should understand that the immigration judge will not guide you to the right answers though might throw some pertinent questions if you are represented by a lawyer. It is only an immigration attorney you hire will make you aware of the potential questions that you might face and how to answer those confidently and convincingly.

Hire the Right Lawyer

The chance that your application will get approved and everything will go smoothly largely depends of experience and efficiency of your immigration lawyer. Hence, make sure that you are approaching the Right Man in the Ring even if it means spending some extra dollars.

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