Here’s why you can consider Shopify for ecommerce site in Singapore!

More than 90% of Singaporeans use the internet actively, and people are more used to looking for products online. Expectedly, ecommerce Singapore has exploded considerably in recent years. If you want to launch an online shopping platform, the foremost task is to select the right ecommerce platform. A lot of small businesses are relying on Shopify, thanks to many features and usability.

More on Shopify

Shopify is based in Canada and has been in the industry for close to 15 years. The features on Shopify are truly powering smaller businesses and websites. For example, ‘abandoned cart recovery’ is a great way to push sales. The themes on Shopify are diverse, and starting your website doesn’t take more than an hour. Shopify is designed to be mobile-friendly, which is a good advantage, primarily because people in Singapore do shop from mobile devices extensively.

On the downside, Shopify requires you to use their payment option, and if you want to use something else, you have to pay a fee for transactions. Nevertheless, Shopify is flexible, has enough features and is among the easier ecommerce platforms to manage. Cost in Singapore start at SGD 39.39, but as you seek more, expect to pay more.

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