Hardwood Flooring: Is it worth the cost?

This is a question that many Australian homeowners ask themselves, as they weigh up the pros and cons, and there are several reasons why timber flooring is so popular in Australia, which we will examine in the article. Like any home improvement, longevity is a prime requisite, and despite the high costs, you can expect a solid wood floor to last 30 years.

Engineered Flooring

If your budget is limited, engineered flooring is for you, with an out layer of real timber and a composite core, you have the look and feel of solid timber at a fraction of the cost. This product actually has some advantages over solid timber, and the boards do not warp of bend and are suitable for wet areas. There are specialist companies that offer timber flooring in Brisbane and they would be happy to pay you a home visit to discuss the options.

Think Long Term

A solid timber floor will last for 20-25 years, and that makes the costs seem quite reasonable, plus wooden floors will certainly add some value to the property. Most other flooring materials would not offer such a long life, and this should be taken into consideration when making a decision. As mentioned, engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative that offers the look and feel of real timber, plus it has better properties than solid wood.

Timber Species

Of course, there are many species of timber that are suitable for flooring, with the following being very popular:

  • Australian Beech – Strong and versatile, Australian Beech has colours ranging from cream to light brown.
  • Bamboo – An incredibly hard-wearing species found in China, Bamboo is insect resistant, with subtle colour variations.
  • Blackbutt – This species has a straight grain and even texture, with shades ranging from cream to pale brown.
  • Cypress Pine – A hardwearing timber, vivid colours of pale creams and yellows make this a very popular flooring choice.
  • Rosegum – A coarse and even grain, with shades of pale pinks to medium browns and sometimes streaks of both.
  • French Oak – This imported timber has a very tight grain with attractive knots and can be found in most shades of brown.
  • Jarrah – Found in Western Australia, Jarrah is popular with the locals, as it is very dense and repels insects, plus it comes in a range of attractive shades.
  • Messmate – Visible growth rings give this species a unique design, with pale browns to light yellows.
  • Red Mahogany – Found from Sydney to North Queensland, this huge tree has a very tight grain and comes in all shades of brown and red.
  • Spotted Gum – Grown on the East coast of Australia, this species is very durable and popular among Australian homeowners.

Of course, not all timbers are priced the same, and most people put quality ahead of price when choosing a timber for flooring. If you would like to explore the potential of timber flooring, search online for a local supplier and you can discuss the many options.

While a solid timber floor will never be cheap, you can expect to enjoy at least 25 years of use, and should you ever wish to sell, the wood floors will enable you to ask top-dollar prices.


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