5 Important Marketing Strategies You Should Not Stop During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Marketing at the best of times is a difficult task. After all, with the internet one is essentially competing with an entire planet rather than local markets. However, the recent COVID-19 lockdown has changed the face of this global market. The coronavirus has changed people’s lives. As such, it’s tempting to think that one needs to change every marketing angle to go along with it. But there are five essential factors that need to maintain constant during the coronavirus lockdown.

1. Customer service remains essential

Customer service is vitally important at any time. But keep in mind that people are understandably worried about their lifestyle during the most uncertain times. People appreciate it when a company is working the help them retain stability. It’s essentially good marketing even on a small scale.

But one of the great things about the internet is that it allows for very public conversations. As such, one can ramp up support over social media as a form of advertising. Marketing during Coronavirus is often about offering people a sense of stability and safety. People gravitate toward companies that are able to offer them a promise of normalcy in their interactions. To keep up with your customer service needs, try outsourcing to call centers in the Philippines. They provide a 24/7 customer support with a team divided into several groups for shifting schedules.

2. Ramp up historical optimization

Successful marketing often means reinventing one’s image. Most people find that they get a lot of benefits from revamping old content to better reach modern audiences. It sometimes only takes a little work to make content relevant for seemingly different situations. One should anticipate a new interest in a brand at any given time. But a pandemic is going to change people’s buying and browsing habits. As such people will have a greater chance of coming across older content. By ensuring that it’s properly in line with current events one can essentially turn it into a marketing angle.

3. PR materials are even more relevant

Alongside updating older content, one should also keep more general PR in mind. The public will generally have far more free time than they’ve had in the past. They’re going to be more likely than ever to really look into the background of a company that has caught their interest. As such, marketing during Coronavirus should also involve marketing oneself. As with the other tips this should be seen in the context of moving an existing strategy forward.

One should essentially just go through all internal representation in order to ensure it presents a consistently positive message. This can also be a good time to generally streamline the presentation to project a larger company-wide narrative to the public.

4. Your website is now more important than ever

Updating PR material on the web is a part of this process. But if time permits one should consider revamping multiple aspects of a company website. The main reason is that cruft tends to accumulate over time. People will be spending less time exploring the outdoors and more time exploring websites. As such, one should concentrate on ensuring one has a strong online presence.

5. Rethink existing unused assets

This goes along with working on PR and web presentation. Any given company will tend to accumulate excess content over time. This is often material which is deemed potentially useful but not on an immediate timeline. People also tend to forget about these assets as time goes on. One should ideally be going through this material on a regular basis. But present circumstances make this an ideal time to rethink the frequency in which one does so. It’s a perfect chance to go through older assets to see if it might be useful. And one can also see if any of it might be of particular interest in light of current circumstances.

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